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Episode 80 Growing your business through paid social media with Carolyn Lowe

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Growing your business with paid social media can be the difference between scaling fast and sluggish sales.

In this episode, Carolyn Rowe from ROI Swift lifts the lid on what you need to know to start paid promotion and how to make it an effective return on investment.

We’ll share with you the key insights to get your business growing – fast!

Paid social media focus areas:

  • Why you must get over being scared of paying to promote your business
  • How long it will be before you can expect to see results
  • How often people need to see your ad 
  • The different strategies to use depending on where your audience is on the customer journey
  • Why testing your ad and audience really will make a difference to your results
  • The BEST strategy to improve your performance by making the algorithm happy
  • The fastest thing you can do to scale your business 
  • Why it is possible to spend too much money even if you're not losing money

About Carolyn Lowe:

Carolyn Lowe founded ROI Swift in 2015 to help emerging consumer brands get expert help in Amazon, Paid Ads for Facebook/Instagram, and Paid Search. So many smaller businesses were being taken advantage of by paying agencies big dollars for no results, and Carolyn thought that was wrong. Her team grew an apparel and footwear company from $0-12M in 18 months through paid Facebook and Instagram ads.

Carolyn’s goal is to help 1000 brands grow profitably. So far, they have helped 102, so she is 898 away from retirement! Fun facts about Carolyn: She once won $10,000 on the radio and wished she saved it to invest in Google or Amazon two decades later. After leaving Dell, she founded ROI Swift to follow her passion of helping emerging businesses grow. She is the mother of two children and has her pilot’s license, though no time to actually fly anymore.

Connect with Carolyn:

Mentioned in this episode:

Coming soon to The Content Fix Podcast:

  • The Facebook Live Producer features that will take your livestreams to the next level
  • More episodes with Bosco Anthony about becoming a better speaker and getting booked for speaking gigs

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