#44 Busting the myths about email deliverability with Laura Atkins - Jillian Bowen

Episode 44 Busting the myths about email deliverability with Laura Atkins

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Email deliverability may not sound as ominous as social media algorithms. But get it wrong and all that hard work you put into your emails might never be seen.

Did you know that what you send in a single email can affect the deliverability of everything else you send?

But here’s the kicker – a lot of the things you’ve been told not to do… well, let’s just say there is more fiction than fact in some of the recommended best practices.

In this episode we’re busting those myths with email deliverability expert Laura Atkins.

Listen now to find out:

Busting the myths about email deliverability:

  • What is email deliverability?
  • How email filtering works.
  • The impact links and images can have on your email deliverability.
  • The best strategies to improve email deliverability.
  • How spam checks work and how accurate they are.
  • Will you emails end up in spam if you use 'free' in the subject line?
  • Why you need to beware of the bitly link when it comes to your emails.
  • And the truth about plain text emails and deliverability.

About Laura Atkins

Word to the Wise co-founder Laura Atkins is perhaps best known for her popular industry blog, where she’s contributed more than 2000 posts over the past 12 years on all things email.

When she’s not writing, Laura helps companies of all sizes and stages improve their marketing by incorporating a deliverability strategy into their overall marketing strategy. Using her 20 years of experience in email delivery, she works with clients to craft marketing processes that get their email messages in front of their users and recipients.

Resources mentioned in this episode about email deliverability

Laura's blog

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Quotes on email deliverability?

"Email deliverability is the magical incantations we do to get email into people's inboxes." - Laura Wise

"The folks that are filtering your email have a huge job to keep you safe and give you the email you want by keeping out all of the junk mail." - Laura Wise.

"Algorithms decide what you see in social media, email filters deliver emails that people want." - Laura Wise

"You get better email deliverability if you’re focused on who you are sending to." - Laura Wise

"An unsubscribe is not a bad thing. It is a great thing. People who don’t want or interact with your emails can harm your email deliverability to the rest of your list." - Laura Wise

"Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to your email list. Better is better. Fewer addresses on the list is sometimes a more productive list." - Laura Wise


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